About the Contest

The purpose of this contest is to encourage students and teachers to discuss the many forms that prejudice takes in our society. Most of us meet and mix with individuals and groups of different ethnicities, color and appearance, with different mental and physical abilities and sexual orientations. We hope that by recognizing differences and exploring personal experiences students will begin to understand that compassion and tolerance are essential in our world today.

Over the past 17 years we have had an average of 25 schools - public, private and parochial ­- from Morris County participate and have received over 22,000 entries. Isn’t that amazing? We are inspired by your awareness, thoughts, creativity, passion and sensitivity. You give us hope for a better future!

The organization that sponsors this contest is The National Council of Jewish Women - West Morris Section (NCJW). It started in 1893 and promotes the welfare of women, children and families and works to protect the individual rights and freedoms for everyone. For more information about the NCJW West Morris Section visit our website at www.ncjwwestmorris.org